Friday, June 17, 2011

FAQs That We Never Get Asked

Is this a "Christian Podcast"?

It's not a Christian podcast, it's a podcast by Christians, for Christians...and for everyone else who finds it amusing. If we were a band, we would be Creed, but funnier, and with cooler music, and one of us would be a girl. Forget it, if we were a band, we'd be The White Stripes.

What does John do in Africa?

A law fellowship with the International Justice Mission. Although IJM is largely known for its fight against human trafficking, IJM Kenya focuses on two different kinds of cases.  They provide pro bono legal representation and counseling to innocent men and women who languish in harsh Kenyan prisons for crimes they did not commit.  IJM also represents young children who have been sexually assaulted.  In these cases, IJM provides counseling and represents the child's interest in court in an an effort to ensure the legal system accurately addresses their need for justice.

What does Doug do in Austin?

Let's just say that Doug is NOT fighting injustice, but, in his defense, he's not fighting against justice, either.

Does Doug actually LIKE being a Catholic?

Yes. There are still a few of us left.

What happens when John gets back from Africa?

The show continues. Same name. Different format. But we well cross that bridge when we come to it. Kind of like the US and its crushing debt.

Does John have a website?

Darn tootin'. Here.

Can I see John do comedy?

Probably later this year.

Can I see Doug do comedy?

As Doug has two children, he and his wife decided that he should take a sabbatical of unspecified length and focus on podcasting, the laziest form of entertainment. It's got the complete lack of barriers to entry, just like sand up comedy, but you can do it from home. The audiences of Austin were also involved with the decision.

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